Invitation to Shareholders' Meeting


Invitation Letter
Attachment 1 The 2015 Annual Report
Attachment 2 Financial Summary 2015
Attachment 3 Details on profit appropriation and the dividend payment
Attachment 4 Details on the nomination and profiles of the nominated persons to be directors in replacement of those who retired by rotation
Attachment 5 Details on the determination of remuneration for directors
Attachment 6 Names of the auditors and details on the auditing fee
Attachment 7 Details of the issuance and offering for sale of debentures
Attachment 8 Details of independent director as proxy
Attachment 9 Documents or evidence of identity of shareholders or representatives of shareholders who are entitled to attend the Meeting
Attachment 10 Procedures for participation and procedures for casting votes
Attachment 11 Registration Form (Enclosed with Invitation Letter)
Attachment 12 Proxy Form (Form B.)
Attachment 13 Articles of Association and Laws Regarding the Shareholders Meeting
Attachment 14 A Map of the Meeting venue (Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel)
Proxy Form A.
Proxy Form C.